• Nun-martyr Barbara
    Commemorated on July 18 Saint Barbara died with Saint Elizabeth on July 5, 1918, the day after the murder of Tsar Nicholas and his family. The two nuns were thrown into a mineshaft, and grenades were tossed in after them. Saint Elizabeth remained alive for several hours, and could be heard singing hymns. The bodies of Saint Barbara and Saint Elizabeth were taken to Jerusalem in 1920, and […]
  • Grand Duchess Elizabeth
    Commemorated on July 18 Saint Elizabeth was the older sister of Tsarina Alexandra, and was married to the Grand Duke Sergius, the governor of Moscow. She converted to Orthodoxy from Protestantism of her own free will, and organized women from all levels of society to help the soldiers at the front and in the hospitals. Grand Duke Sergius was killed by an assassin’s bomb on February 4, 1905, just […]
  • St. Mildred of Thanet
    Commemorated on July 13 St. Mildred was the daughter of King Merewald of Magonset and his wife, St. Ermenburga, and sister of Sts. Milburga and Milgith. At an early age, her mother sent her to be educated by an abbess at Chelles in France, where many English ladies were trained to a saintly life. A young nobleman, related to the Abbess of Chelles, asked the abbess for her hand in marriage. […]


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