Great Blessing of Waters of Theophany 2024

Christmas 2023

10 Received into Holy Orthodoxy

Blessing of Fruit on Transfiguration, August 6 2023

Holy Friday April 14, 2023

Palm Sunday April 9, 2023

St. Anthony the Great OCA Parish celebrated Palm Sunday on April 9, 2023. Father Thomas Moore was our celebrant this day. We had a blessed feast day and celebrated with our parish members in the parish hall with fish and other Lenten goodies.

Bridegroom Matins Holy Monday April 25, 2021

Palm Sunday April 25, 2021

Lazarus Saturday April 24, 2021

5th Sunday of Great Lent: St. Mary of Egypt April 18, 2021

4th Sunday of Great Lent: St. John Climacus (of the Ladder) April 11, 2021

1st Sunday of Great Lent: Sunday of Orthodoxy March 21, 2021

Holy Spirit Liturgy June 8, 2020

Pascha 2020 (April 19th)

Holy Friday (April 17)

Sunday of Orthodoxy (March 8, 2020)

Church School Middle and High School (February 2020)

Theophany-Blessing of the Waters

(January 2020)

Women’s Brunch (December 2019)

Church School Feast of St. Nicholas (December 2019)

Pascha 2019

Palm Sunday 2019

Father’s Day (2018)

Theophany (January 2018)

Tonsuring of Reader Mark (July 2, 2016)

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